Child Protection Policy

In conjunction with Table Tennis Scotland’ Child Protection Policy - South Ayrshire Table Tennis Club Coaches, members and parents will apply the following Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children

• Make sport fun, enjoyable and promote fair play.
• Treat all children equally, with respect, dignity and fairness.
• Involve parents/carers wherever possible.
• Build balanced relationships based on mutual trust.
• Include children in the decision-making process wherever possible.
• Always work in an open environment, wherever possible. Avoid private or unobserved situations.
• Put the welfare of each child first before winning or achieving performance goals.
• Be an excellent role model including not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of children.
• Give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism.
• Recognise the developmental needs and capacity of children.

• Having favourites
• Avoid excessive training and competition, pushing children against their will and putting undue pressure on them.
• Spending excessive amounts of time alone with a child away from others
• Entering children bedrooms on trips away from home, unless in an emergency situation or in the interest of health and safety. If it is necessary to enter rooms, knock and say that you are coming in. The door should remain open, if appropriate.
• Taking children to your home or in your car where they will be alone with you
• Doing things of a personal nature for a child that they can do for themselves.

• Allow allegations made by a child to go unrecorded or not acted upon
• Engage in rough, physical or sexually provocative games, including horseplay
• Form intimate emotional or physical relationships with children
• Allow or engage in touching a child in a sexually suggestive manner
• Allowing children to swear or use sexualised language unchallenged.
• Make sexually suggestive comments or gestures to a child, even in fun
• Reduce a child to tears as a form of control.
• Allowing allegations made by a child to go unchallenged, unrecorded or not acted upon.
• Inviting or allowing children to stay with you at your home.
• A Coach and/or other leader sharing a room alone with a child.

SATTC is committed to the highest standards of sport and expects all coaches and volunteers to honour and observe the following code:-
Respect for Others
• I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of athletes, coaches, other volunteers, friends and spectators within SATTC.
• I will treat everyone equally regardless of gender, religion, ethnic origin or ability.
• I will be a positive role model for athletes.
• I will respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each athlete.

Be Professional and Responsible
• My manner, language, punctuality and preparation will be of a high standard expected by SATTC.
• I will display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved and associated with SATTC. (Coaches, Athletes, Opponents, Team mates, Officials, Administrators, Parents and Spectators)
• I will encourage athletes to demonstrate the same qualities.
• I will refrain from any form of personal abuse towards athletes and others, including verbal, physical and emotional abuse.
• I will be watchful to any form of abuse directed towards athletes in my care from any other sources.
• I will be knowledgeable about the sports rules required for each sport I coach.

Health and Safety of the Athletes
• I will ensure that the equipment and facilities are safe to use.
• I will ensure that the equipment, rules training and the environment are appropriate for the age and ability of the athlete.
• I will be aware of limitations to each participant that is highlighted on any medical information submitted to the club/group I am assisting with.
• I will maintain the same interest and support to any injured and sick athletes.

If a child tells you about abuse:
1. Stay calm and listen to the child without interrupting and try not to show any emotion and/or disgust
2. Reassure the child that they were right to tell you
3. Do not make promises or guarantee confidentiality and explain you will need to tell someone else
4. Avoid questions : only ask questions to clarify what you are being told and do not investigate
5. Take what the child says seriously
6. Make a full record of what has been said on the Suspected Child Abuse Form (see full Child Protection Policy)
7. Report and pass on the completed form immediately to the SATTC Child Protection Officer.
8. Seek advice from the police or social work department if you cannot contact the Child protection officer and where the child or is at immediate risk.



Our main emphasis at SATTC is set firmly on junior development.

We have five active UKCC qualified coaches:
Roy Claxton (Head Coach) South Ayrshire Sports Coach of the Year 2019.
Paul Hunter
Malcolm Campbell
John Stevenson
Rebecca Plaistow

Leona Braund is the club's Child Protection Officer (CPO). Please look to the left of this page for the SATTC Child Protection Policy.

Beginner junior coaching ((Tuesdays 6pm to 7.30pm) is very popular. and will take place at a new venue (St Andrews Church Hall, Park Circus Ayr. KA7 2DC)

Club shirts and more importantly, modern table tennis bats are available at a heavily discounted price.
It is essential that your child plays with the proper equipment so that the coaches are able to teach him or her to develop the correct strokes. Unless you are an experienced competitive player, please do not waste your money on the bats that high street outlets provide. they are of absolutely no use at all. Seek the advice of any of our coaches.

When a player shows rapid improvement, he or she will be invited to play at the Thursday adult sessions at Mossblown Community Centre so that they can benefit from playing more experienced opposition.

Throughout the playing season, (roughly October through to the end of April) there are several tournaments and leagues that the club will enter junior players into. There is also a club junior championship held annually.

We emphasise that it is not a youth club. Neither is it a baby-sitting circle. Players are expected to take the game seriously, while at the same time having fun learning. To that end, it is not permitted to use mobile phones from the start until the end of a session. (Except in the case of emergency of course.)

In 2015 and again in 2019, the SATTC Juniors were awarded Junior Sports Team of the year by South Ayrshire Sports Council.

SATTC Junior teams won both Div1 and Div2 of the 2019 West of Scotland Junior league.
Kieran Walker was awarded the 2019 West of Scotland Senior League most Improved Player Award and was runner up in the Scottish U13 national Championship 2019
The SATTC Junior team won the 2016-17 West of Scotland Junior League with a 100% record.
At 13 years old, Harvey McDonald was the Edinburgh Open Under 21 Champion.
Tony Nelson was awarded the 2017 West of Scotland Senior League most Improved Player Award and along with Chris Mexson has won and been in the finals of numerous senior Senior Banded events
Rebecca Plaistow is the Scottish National Junior Girls Champion 2017.
Harvey McDonald awarded West of Scotland Junior player of the year 2018.

If your child is dedicated, we can make him or her a champion.